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Computer Systems, Imagery & media

The Computer Systems, Imagery & media (CSI) research programme performs research on methods and techniques for the design, implementation and application of advanced computer systems, in particular parallel, distributed and embedded computer systems.

Fons Verbeek

The focus is on methods and techniques for the analysis and synthesis of images, pattern recognition, image fusion, 3D reconstruction and visualization, computer vision, imaging systems, image search and media technology.

The CSI research programme of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) contains three themes.

Computer systems
Researchers at LIACS are working to develop the computer systems of tomorrow, including research into grand database systems and in embedded systems, the driver of the internet of things.

Media & creativity
This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning meet philosophy, cognitive science, and the creative arts.

Computer vision
On the basis of the characteristic aspects of a picture, certain computers can tell us what the picture is showing. Researching these techniques opens the way to a whole range of new applications.

Research examples

Making Sense of Illustrated Handwritten Archives

Transmedia storytelling for critical engagement

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