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Research project

Species Literacy in the Netherlands

How can species literacy in the Netherlands be explained and improved?

2017 - 2021
Michiel Hooykaas

This biological science communication project is focused on assessing and explaining Dutch citizens’ awareness of animal biodiversity.

Biodiversity is declining at a high rate, which makes effective communication to the general public about this topic increasingly important. Before a selection of effective communication materials can be made, first the specific areas need to be identified where awareness of biodiversity can be improved. During the research project the species literacy of Dutch citizens and biodiversity professionals will be assessed. Species literacy - people’s ability to recognize and identify species - is an important first step towards awareness of biodiversity. The goal of the research is to make a contribution to accurate and effective biodiversity communication, by describing, explaining and improving awareness of and knowledge about native animal biodiversity in the Netherlands. Ultimately this could be a step towards the reconnection of Dutch citizens and the biodiversity surrounding them.

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