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Synergy Study: Sentinel2 –Sentinel3 Land Products

To deliver a Virtual Sensor tool optimised to exploit the synergy between Sentinels 2 and 3 to allow the consistent retrieval of land surface parameters (Albedo, LAI, and LST); To extend the existing capabilities of land EO data assimilation tools to add capacity to handle data in the thermal domain and to couple the atmosphere;

2015 - 2017
Joris Timmermans
ESA’s Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) SY-4Sci ESA’s Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) SY-4Sci

Short abstract

Ecosystem services have great economic value, yet loss of biodiversity is ongoing. We need new ways to motivate people to protect biodiversity. This PhD project addresses the values of biodiversity as they are used in economic valuation of ecosystem services and alternative ways to express the value of biodiversity. The aim and expected results are a novel view on the motivations of people to act for biodiversity, and to use that knowledge to improve policy measures for biodiversity.

Project description

Copernicus is one of Europe’s flagship space programmes which will offer a step-change in the availability of high quality, operational Earth Observation (EO) data from a series of dedicated satellites (Sentinels) in the domain of land.

The suite of Sentinel satellites offers a rich resource of data to the science community, for dedicated scientific study and as an input to R&D to develop new operational applications. ESA’s Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) element seeks to federate and support the community of scientific users, built up through the ERS and ENVISAT eras, and help them to exploit the new opportunities offered by Copernicus and other operational missions.

In this context we are developing a Virtual Sentinel Sensor (VSS) tool targeted at the land research community that will enable the consistent retrieval of land surface (and atmospheric) parameters form multiple input data streams, primarily Sentinels 2 and 3.

This project is sister to the Optirad and EOLDAS projects, as well as the precursor to the Multiply project

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