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Research project


The ReCiPe methodology for Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA).

2001 - 2009
Reinout Heijungs


Ecoindicator 99 and LCA Guide 2001 contain impact assessment models at different places in the environmental effect chain, with main parts of the effect models overlapping. This project created an integrated methodology, which produces results at different steps in the effect chain, and hence at different levels of aggregation, as consistently as possible. RIVM, CML and PRé cooperated so as to produce this combined methodology. The combined method is available, and will replace the as yet unaligned methods mentioned above. 

The project was executed in two phases:

  1. The result of the first phase was a detailed description of the structure and main choices of the new method.
  2. The results of the second phase included the elaboration of the main choices in the form of concrete models and numbers. The resulting ReCiPe Life Cycle Assessment Impact Assessment methodology is made available at the ReCiPe website where you can find:
    • Generic information on the method, how to apply it, and on which principles it is based
    • Detailed information on the models used, and allow every researcher to analyse and potentially improve the models

More Information

More information can be found on the ReCiPe website:  www.lcia-recipe.net

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