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Research project

Calcas: Co-ordination Action for Innovation in Life-Cycle Analysis for Sustainability

Co-ordination Action for Innovation in Life-Cycle Analysis for Sustainability: deepening, broadening and leaping forward the LCA methodology.

2006 - 2009
Jeroen Guinee
European Commission - 6th Framework Programme (EC FP6)

CALCAS aimed at identifying research lines on how to increase the efficacy of sustainability decision making, going beyond the shortcomings and limitations of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) at that time. Its general objective was to further develop the ISO-LCA into a broader scientific framework, named Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis (LCSA) with the following features:

  1. improved reliability and usability of ISO-LCA;
  2. “deepening” of the present model (i.e. adding more mechanisms and/or more sophistications) to improve its applicability in different contexts while increasing its reliability and usability;
  3. “broadening” the LCA scope by better incorporating sustainability aspects and linking to neighbouring models, to improve their significance;
  4. “leaping forward” by a revision/enrichment of foundations, through the crossing with other disciplines for sustainability evaluation

The project started in 2006 and was finished in 2009.

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