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Research project

Making Environmental Regulation Work for the People

The project’s overall goal is to improve Indonesia’s environmental legal framework and its implementation by strengthening the regulatory capacity of the government, and by enhancing the capacity of CSOs and scholars to hold the government accountable for its regulatory performance.

2016  -   2017
Laure D'Hondt
International Development Law Organization (IDLO), under the Netherlands-Indonesia Rule of Law Fund

Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL)

Many Indonesians living along rivers face the negative environmental impact of industrial activities. The Indonesian government is frequently reluctant in taking appropriate measures to halt such pollution. This can be partly explained by economic and political interests. However, another part of the explanation for the pollution problem lies in Indonesia’s institutional and legal framework for environmental regulation. Although significantly advanced over the last four decades, there seems to be a lack of understanding among the officials in environmental agencies about how to perform their regulatory tasks in an effective manner – even if the political will is present. Two problems stand out, and will be addressed by this project. First the lack of knowledge about basic legal principles and mechanisms on how to address industrial pollution. Second, the fact that government and CSO alike prefer 'alternative forms' of environmental regulations over 'command-and-control'  regulation. 

As part of the project various reports were published, which are listed below:

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