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PhD project

Printed Keyboard Intabulations of Secular Vocal Works and Dances in 16th-century Italy

Understanding the nature, characteristics and function of the secular vocal intabulations and dances found in Italian printed keyboard sources in the 16th century

Catalina Vicens Jeldrez

14 printed sources, ranging from 1517 to 1592, will be analysed theoretically and practically. Organological study will be made to complement the study of the cultural/social impact of these prints. The keyboard works will be compared to their models and concordances, in order to establish (or not) idiomatical features of keyboard solo and ensemble performance practices in the 16th century. This analysis, complemented with the study of the scholastic work done on the subject already, will be presented in a synoptic format, in order to make the material easily accessible to performers and musicologist for further development. The research data and conclusions will be used to develop a methodology of reconstruction of keyboard music from 16th century Italy, and the creative outcomes will be documented audio-visually.

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