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PhD project

ENHANCING INSPIRATION Metric/Rhythmic modal improvisation as a tool for composition in contemporary modal music

How can we enhance inspiration in metric modal improvisation and subsequently, in modal composition?

Marina Liontou Mochament

Aiming to enhance inspiration in improvisation and composition in contemporary modal music, through and towards her artistic practice, this research will first explore in-depth aspects of metric/rhythmic improvisational practices through paradigmatic figures of the 20th century from various modal traditions. 

Through decoding, analysing and reflecting on these practices, as well as her own practice, Marina Liontou-Mochament intends to acquire a systematized and articulated knowledge of this improvisational practice. This embodied knowledge will eventually be used as a tool for composing music, contributing consequently on the one hand to the field of metric/rhythmic modal improvisation, and on the other hand to the genre of contemporary modal music. 

Connection with other research

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