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Research project

Asia and the UN

Subproject of the ERC project 'Challenging the Liberal World Order from Within: The Invisible History of the United Nations and the Global South'.

2020 - 2025
Alanna O'Malley
European Research Council European Research Council

The project explores the role of Asian actors at the UN in historically shaping global political discourse, and taking into account the extent to which these states have played a part in altering the discourse on ‘human rights’ and 'development' at the UN. While considering the role of Asian states at multilateral forums, instances of south-south cooperation have emerged, demonstrating a quest for political, social and economic rights and freedoms, a political position against colonialism and imperialism, and a refusal of both economic subordination and socio-cultural suppression. This project explores Global South-centric narratives, contributing towards more inclusive and robust policies at the UN, with research on constitutionality, regional political dynamics, and international obligations to reveal the degree of role these elements have played in shaping international politics and foreign policy for the Asian States in question, whereby recovering historical agency of the global south, which has so far been presented through a diluted narrative at the UN.

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