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Multivariate Humanities

This case study-based textbook in multivariate analysis for advanced students in the humanities emphasizes descriptive, exploratory analyses of various types of data sets from a wide range of sub-disciplines, promoting the use of multivariate analysis and illustrating its wide applicability. Fields featured include, but are not limited to, historical agriculture, arts (music and painting), theology, and stylometrics (authorship issues). Most analyses are based on existing data, earlier analysed in published peer-reviewed papers.

Pieter Kroonenberg
30 July 2021
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Four preliminary methodological and statistical chapters provide general technical background to the case studies. The multivariate statistical methods presented and illustrated include data inspection, several varieties of principal component analysis, correspondence analysis, multidimensional scaling, cluster analysis, regression analysis, discriminant analysis, and three-mode analysis.

The bulk of the text is taken up by 14 case studies that lean heavily on graphical representations of statistical information such as biplots, using descriptive statistical techniques to support substantive conclusions. Each study features a description of the substantive background to the data, followed by discussion of appropriate multivariate techniques, and detailed results interpreted through graphical illustrations. Each study is concluded with a conceptual summary.

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