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Freedom in Captivity

How do borderland dwellers living along militarised frontiers negotiate regimes of state security and their geopolitical location in everyday life? What might 'freedom' mean to those who do not resist captivity engendered by borders? Focusing on the predicaments of a double-minority, Radhika Gupta examines in her book Freedom in Captivity the affective attachments, political imaginaries, and ethical claims-making among the Shia Muslims of Kargil. In contrast to calls for freedom in the Kashmir Valley, Shias on the frontiers of Kashmir have sought belonging to India.

Radhika Gupta
12 January 2023
Freedom in Captivity

Nonetheless, they do not completely surrender to its hegemonic ideological boundaries. Rather than focusing on physical cross-border mobility, this book invites readers to reimagine borderlands as cartographies of ideas that span spatial scales. Based on original ethnographic research conducted between 2008 and 2021, this monograph provides a unique long-term look at the lives of people living at the crossroads of Asia's largest states.

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