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The E-Primer

The updated E-Primer expands its proven combination of simple explanations, interesting tutorials and fun exercises, and makes even the novice student quickly confident to create their dream experiment​​​​​​ in E-Prime 3. E-Prime is the leading software suite by Psychology Software Tools for designing and running Psychology lab experiments.

Henk van Steenbergen
27 May 2019
The E-Primer - An Introduction to Creating Psychological Experiments in E-Prime®

Henk van Steenbergen (Cognitive Psychology): 'We are proud to announce the new E-Primer, completely revised to get you started with the latest features in E-Prime 3.' It will still help users who work with E-Prime 1 and 2 and includes many new tutorials and exercises. These tutorials and exercises explain in detail the most exciting new possibilities enabled by E-Prime 3, as well as providing help with common challenges, f.e. how to connect auxiliary hardware, such as EEG amplifiers. There are also many improvements in style and technical details while retaining its predecessor's winning combination of a bold design and accessible text. 

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