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Economic and Financial Governance in the European Union after a Decade of Economic and Political Crises

Introducing five papers about of the impact of crises on the governance, decision-making, and institutional design of the Euro Area, political scientists/economists Valerie D'Erman (University of Victoria, Canada), Paul Schure (University of Victoria, Canada) and Amy Verdun (Leiden University) summarise the 'lessons learned': (1) crises create consensus, especially when it comes to setting new objectives; (2) crises do not always show the path towards these new objectives, or the choice of institutional structure to accomplish these objectives; (3) in the EU, institutional change in times of crisis is inspired by institutional structures previously conceptualised or adopted.

Valerie D'Erman, Paul Schure & Amy Verdun
30 June 2020
› Journal of Economic Policy Reform
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