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The World of Water

The International Course on Water Use and Management in Cagayan Valley The Philippines (2011-2015)

Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University
14 April 2016
4th Louwes Lecture 14 April, 2016

This book provides an overview of the 'water course', five courses (2011-2015) on water use and water management in the Philippines organized by Isabela State University, Leiden University, and the Mabuwaya Foundation.

The courses were organized annually in the month of January. Students were based at the Cabagan Campus of Isabela State University and conducted fieldwork in Cagayan Valley.

The water course is intended to introduce students from the Philippines and the Netherlands to topics related to interdisciplinary research on water use and water management.


  • Merlijn van Weerd
  • Jouel Taggueg
  • Sabine Luning
  • Mercedes Masipiqueña
  • Renske Kok
  • Marites Gatan-Balbas
  • Nina Osterhaus-Simic
  • Gerard Persoon
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