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Unraveling the surface formation of regular and deuterated water in space: a combined laboratory and computational study

Promotor: Prof.dr. H.V.J. Linnartz, Co-Promotores: H.M. Cuppen, S. Ioppolo

A.L.M. Lamberts
20 May 2015
Thesis in Leiden Repository

This thesis is devoted to the study of regular and deuterated water in ices and on surfaces against an interstellar background. A large network for the formation of regular water has been studied with the use of a Kinetic Monte Carlo model. A specific reaction has been investigated as well: H2 + O -> OH + H. Furthermore, in the light of deuterium fractionation, a thermal study on deuteron scrambling in the ice has been performed: H2O + D2O -> 2 HDO. Finally, two low-temperature routes relevant to HDO formation have been investigated: H2O + OD -> OH + HDO and D2O + OH -> OD + HDO.

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