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Studies of dust and gas in the interstellar medium of the Milky Way

Promotor: Prof.dr. A.G.G.M. Tielens, Co-Promotor: J.B.R. Oonk

F.J. Salgado
02 September 2015
Thesis in Leiden Repository

This thesis focus on the study of the Interstellar Medium (ISM) of the Milky Way and consists of two parts: in the first one we present a study of the dust properties in HII regions and their surrounding PDRs. We focus our studies on two compact HII regions: W3(A) and the Orion Nebula (Chapters 2 and 3, respsectively). Using SOFIA/FORCAST observations, we determine the properties of dust in the ionized gas, their surrounding PhotoDissociation Regions and their parent molecular clouds. One of the most important conclusions of this thesis is that the grain growth can affect the dust size distribution in regions of massive star formation. The large amount of archival data available for Orion allow us to study other important phenomena related to dust in this region, such as the photoelectric heating effect and Lyman alpha heating. The second part of this thesis presents theoretical studies of the properties of the cold neutral medium (CNM) using carbon radio recombination lines (CRRL). Chapters 4 and 5 consists on the complete theory of CRRLs from the level population equation to the radiative transfer equation. Using these models and observations of CRRLs the physical parameters of the CNM can be determined.

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