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Star formation and aging at cosmic noon: the spectral evolution of galaxies from z=2

Promotores: Prof.dr. M. Franx & Prof.dr. P.G. van Dokkum (Yale University)

M. Fumagalli
08 September 2015
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Ten billion years ago the Universe was at the peak of its star formation activity, which has been declining since then. This thesis investigates, with novel spectroscopic data from Hubble Space Telescope, the evolution of the galaxy population from that particular period, the so-called "Cosmic Noon", to the present epoch. The main topics addressed are the contribution of emission lines to the optical light of galaxies through cosmic time, the star formation rates of actively star-forming galaxies and quenched galaxies, and the evolution of the stellar ages of galaxies from 10 billion years ago to the current time.

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