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A python3 package to create and analyze Circular Economy scenarios.

Franco Donati
17 October 2019

What is pycirk

Pycirck is a python package to model Circular Economy policy and technological interventions in multi-regional Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis (mrEEIO). The software allows to define an indefinite number of changes in all matrices of the mrEEIO system and an indefinite number of scenario. Furthermore, it allows to easily set multiple parameters for results so that users can investigate different dimensions of the economic system.

How to use Pycirk

You can install the stable version for python 3 through pip install pycirk  https://pypi.org/project/pycirk/

Or you can install development version as well as contribute to the project by visiting https://github.com/CMLPlatform/pycirk

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