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Natural and non-natural factors influencing Alzheimer´s Aβ

Promotor: Prof.dr. J.P. Abrahams

J. Luo
18 June 2014
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Alzheimer’s disease is manifested in amyloid fibril but caused by protofibril oligomers of Aβ peptide and tau protein. I discovered a molecular mechanism which involves a new globular state of the Aβ peptide formed by protofibril oligomers, and from which fibrils can nucleate. Another striking finding in my thesis is to present new concept to inhibit amyloid fibrillation. For instance, natural factors found in vivo, such as, lysozyme, insulin and spermine, and non-natural factors found in vitro, like gramicidin S, can interfere with the toxicity and fibrillation of Aβ.

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