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Microneedle-based drug and vaccine delivery via nanoporous microneedle arrays

In the literature, several types of microneedles have been extensively described. However, porous microneedle arrays only received minimal attention. Hence, only little is known about drug delivery via these microneedles. However, porous microneedle arrays may have potential for future microneedle-based drug and vaccine delivery and could be a valuable addition to the other microneedle-based drug delivery approaches.

van der Maaden, K.; Luttge, R.; Vos, P.J.; Bouwstra, J.; Kersten, G.; Ploemen, I
01 July 2015
Online publication (DOI)

To gain more insight into porous microneedle technologies, the scientific and patent literature is reviewed, and we focus on the possibilities and constraints of porous microneedle technologies for dermal drug delivery. Furthermore, we show preliminary data with commercially available porous microneedles and describe future directions in this field of research.

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