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Development of thermostable lyophilized inactivated polio vaccine

The aim of current study was to develop a dried inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) formulation with minimal loss during the drying process and improved stability when compared with the conventional liquid IPV.

Kraan, H.; van Herpen, P.; Kersten, G.; Amorij, J.P.
01 October 2014
Online publication (DOI)

METHODS: Extensive excipient screening was combined with the use of a Design of Experiment (DoE) approach in order to achieve optimal results with high probability.

RESULTS: Although it was shown earlier that the lyophilization of a trivalent IPV while conserving its antigenicity is challenging, we were able to develop a formulation that showed minimal loss of potency during drying and subsequent storage at higher temperatures.

CONCLUSION: This study showed the potential of a highly stable and safe lyophilized polio vaccine, which might be used in developing countries without the need of a cold-chain.

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