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Fast vaccine design and development based on correlates of protection (COPs) Influenza as a trendsetter

New and reemerging infectious diseases call for innovative and efficient control strategies of which fast vaccine design and development represent an important element.

van Els, C.; Mjaaland, S.; Naess, L.; Sarkadi, J.; Gonczol, E.; Korsholm, K.S.; Hansen, J.; de Jonge, J.; Kersten, G.; Warner, J.; Semper, A.; Kruiswijk, C.; Oftung, F.
09 February 2015

In emergency situations, when time is limited, identification and use of correlates of protection (COPs) may play a key role as a strategic tool for accelerated vaccine design, testing, and licensure. We propose that general rules for COP-based vaccine design can be extracted from the existing knowledge of protective immune responses against a large spectrum of relevant viral and bacterial pathogens. Herein, we focus on the applicability of this approach by reviewing the established and up-coming COPs for influenza in the context of traditional and a wide array of new vaccine concepts. The lessons learnt from this field may be applied more generally to COP-based accelerated vaccine design for emerging infections.

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