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Design, implementation and evaluation of transnational collaborative programmes in astronomy education and public outreach

Promotores: Prof.dr. G. Miley & Prof.dr. J.M. van den Broek

P.M. Rodrigues dos Santos Russo
10 November 2015
Thesis in Leiden Repository

This thesis presents a study of how science can most effectively be used to engage and educate the global public and specifically describes the role of astronomy in doing this. Astronomy has a special place in the field of science education and public engagement with science. It has great appeal for large sections of the public for several reasons. We shall use astronomy as a case study to consider the effect and impact of transnational collaborations with innovative approaches and centralised coordination in science education and public outreach. The thesis is based on eight years of designing, implementing and evaluating transnational collaborative programmes in astronomy education and public outreach, from the perspective of the practitioner. We shall also show that large global science EPO projects can result in sustainable outcomes that outlive the projects themselves and analyse the various aspects of global science communication project that are necessary for their success.

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