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CML-IA Characterisation Factors

CML-IA is a database that contains characterisation factors for life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) and is easily read by the CMLCA software program.

CML - Department of Industrial Ecology
05 September 2016


  • Contains the characterisation factors for all baseline characterisation methods mentioned in the Handbook on LCA, such as GWP100, POCP, HTPinf and AP.
  • Contains additional characterisation factors for non-baseline characterisation methods, such as GWP20, HTP100 and MSETP.
  • Contains additional characterisation methods, such as Eco-indicator 99 and EPS.
  • Contains normalization data for all interventions and impact categories at different spatial and temporal levels.
  • Contains easy connection with CMLCA.
  • Can be downloaded free of charge.
  • Last update: August 2016.


Getting and using the database

  • The CML-IA database is available in two formats:
    • Excel format (zipped): cmlia.zip (18.7 Mb)
    • CMLCA format: cmlia_august_2016.lca (1.4Mb); most suitable for the import of characterisation factors in CMLCA
  • Instructions for the use of the Excel file:
    • Download the file from the Downloads section.
    • The Excel has been compressed with WinZip. Decompressed, the file is approximately 75 MB. It can be opened with MS-Excel; this program may warn you that the file contains macros. These macros are needed to navigate through the file, and, as far as we know, harmless.
    • The zip file also contains a small update information file.
    • The second tabsheet contains a table of contents.
    • To export characterisation factors and/or normalization data in a form that CMLCA can access, use the export buttons in the table of contents.
    • If needed the Excel file can be imported into CMLCA
  • Instructions for the use of the LCA file:
    • Download the file from the Downloads section.
    • CMLCA can be obtained from our CMLCA website.
    • Start CMLCA and open the LCA file using ctrl-o



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