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Circulating cells as biomarkers in cardiovascular disease : the difference between men and women

Promotor: J. Kuiper

Thijs Zweers
22 December 2015
Thesis in Leiden Repository

During this research project we studied circulating cells in the blood of people with cardiovascular disease, we investigated if these cells could be used as biomarkers for future cardiovascular incidents. We specifically looked at circulating immune cells such as monocytes, T cells and neutrophils. It was shown that both specific subsets of monocytes as well as neutrophils could be used to predict cardiovascular events in patients with cardiovascular disease. Surprisingly it was shown that different cell subsets were predictive for cardiovascular events in men and women. Investigating the difference between men and women further we show that the acute immune response in during cardiovascular disease is different between men and women. While the response in males was skewed towards a monocyte response, in women the acute response was skewed towards a T cell response. The research presented in this thesis shows that our knowledge of the gender specific immune response in cardiovascular disease is limited and further research is necessary.

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