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Reflecties op Wereldburgerschap: In de spiegel van Afghanistan en Nederland

On 9 April 2020, Mohamed Azizi defended his thesis 'Reflecties op Wereldburgerschap: In de spiegel van Afghanistan en Nederland'. The doctoral research was supervised by Prof. P.B. Cliteur en Prof. W. Veugelers (Universiteit voor Humanistiek).

Mohamed Azizi
09 April 2020
Leiden Repository

The dissertation examines the justification and conditions of global citizenship and the relation between global citizenship education and education in general. An applicable concept of cosmopolitanism is derived from both a historical and conceptual analysis and by means of a comparative method lessons are drawn from (the history of) Afghanistan and the detrimental effects of foreign intervention on the formation of a democratic nation-state. The case for new forms of a cosmopolitan concept of democracy is made, applicable to an interdependent and globalising world. This philosophical analysis is applied to the present-day educational systems of both the Netherlands and Afghanistan. From this a starting point for a proposal towards world citizenship education is derived. In this research the case of the human rights violation of Farkhunda is used as a benchmark for the validity of the discussed theories. 

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