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National space legislation : future perspectives for Malaysian Space Law

This research studies the future perspectives for Malaysian space law. It aims at demonstrating the development of Malaysian outer space activities inclusive of her status with respect to United Nations space conventions and her membership of international and regional space-related organizations.

Che Zuhaida Binti Saari
24 October 2014
Leiden University Repository

On the basis of assisting Malaysia to develop her national space legislation, this study analyses the legal frameworks of selected national outer space legislations. It discusses some major aspects that Malaysia should consider while drafting the content of her space legislation and explains the reasons why the legislation is necessary. It proposes a number of significant clauses that need to be incorporated in the Malaysian Outer Space Act. The study concludes with proposing a feasible draft specimen of a Malaysian Outer Space Act with an expectation that it can become a guideline to rationalize the actual Malaysian Outer Space Act and will positively influence the Malaysian law makers. It ends with outlining various legal impacts on Malaysia, ASEAN and world space activities should the enactment of the Malaysian Outer Space Act become a reality.

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