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EU Personal Data Protection in Policy and Practice

Although the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) harmonizes the protection of personal data across the EU as of May 2018, its open norms in combination with cultural differences between countries result in differences in the practical implementation, interpretation and enforcement of personal data protection.

Bart Custers , Alan M. Sears , Francien Dechesne , Ilina Georgieva , Tommaso Tani , Simone van der Hof
22 March 2019

With its focus on data protection law in practice, this book provides in-depth insights into how different countries deal with data protection issues. The knowledge and best practices from eight countries provide highly relevant material for legal professionals, data protection officers, policymakers, data protection authorities and academics across Europe.

Bart Custers is Associate Professor and Director of Research at the Center for Law and Digital Technologies of the Leiden Law School at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Alan M. SearsFrancien DechesneIlina Georgieva and Tommaso Tani are all affiliated to that same organization, of which Professor Simone van der Hof is the General Director.

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