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AI for Healthcare Robotics

Eduard Fosch-Villaronga and Hadassah Drukarch from eLaw - Center for Law and Digital Technologies, recently published the book ‘AI for Healthcare Robotics’, published by CRC Press from Taylor and Francis Group in their AI for Everything Series.

Eduard Fosch-Villaronga, Hadassah Drukarch
20 September 2022

Following in the footsteps of other industries, robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are now also being deployed at an unprecedented rate in the healthcare domain due to their reduced cost and increasing capabilities such as carrying out medical interventions, supporting biomedical research and clinical practice, conducting therapy with children, or keeping the elderly company. However, what are healthcare robots and how can the power of Artificial Intelligence robotics assist in contemporary medicine?

Eduard Fosch-Villaronga and Hadassah Drukarch from eLaw - Center for Law and Digital Technologies, explain so in an easily understandable way in their recent book AI for Healthcare Robotics published by CRC Press from Taylor and Francis Group in their AI for Everything Series.

This project comes as a result of the research project Healthcare robots and AI conducted by Eduard Fosch-Villaronga at Leiden University under the Co-Fund LEaDing Fellows Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA) postdoctoral research that finished in 2021.

The book is available for order with a 25% discount (code AIHR25) on Routledge’s website, so do not miss the opportunity if you want to learn more about this fascinating technology!


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