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The research-teaching nexus in the humanities: Variations among academics

Central in this thesis are the various forms the research-teaching nexus can take in the university, especially in the Faculty of Humanities. The importance of a strong relation between research and teaching is advocated by many academics, but debate is going on about the forms this strenghthened relation can take.

Gerda Visser-Wijnveen
23 September 2009
Fulltext in Leiden University Repository

In this research project various categorisations are developed to describe the various forms of the research-teaching nexus. A categorisation based on ideal images distinghuishes the following five profiles: teach research results, make research known, show what it means to be a researcher, help to conduct research, and provide research experience. In the debate on the nexus we need, among others, to clarify what kind of research we are talking about, what roles we expect the students to have, and what purpose the nexus has. Furthermore, the research project showed that academics’ conceptions of teaching are related to their views on the research-teaching nexus. The disciplinary background, and conceptions of research and knowledge are less important. Regarding the students’ learning experiences in a research-intensive environment, the students primarily reported an acquisition of an academic disposition and an understanding of what research entails.

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