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Student engagement in research in medical education

Doctors are expected to apply recent insights from research to improve patient care. This is one of the reasons for integrating research into medical education.

Mayke Vereijken
22 May 2018
Fulltext in Leiden University Repository

Close connections between research and teaching are important in order to prepare students to function in an increasingly complex society. Still it is not always evident to students how they are engaged in research through the teaching they receive. The studies in this thesis all examine various aspects of student engagement in research in the medical domain. The studies aim to provide deeper insight into ways in which students experience research in teaching and the way in which students are supervised when they conduct student research projects within their studies.

The context of a curriculum change at the Leiden University Medical Center was considered particularly appropriate for studying student engagement in research. Student perceptions of research integrated into teaching and student beliefs about the relevance of research to learning activities can change over the course of undergraduate education.

The first two studies explore the influence of research practices in the curriculum on student perceptions and beliefs, longitudinally and in comparison to a changed curriculum. In addition, the extent to which student perceptions of research relate to student learning utcomes was investigated. Furthermore, we explored relations between research supervision practices and supervisor dilemmas while supervising thesis students.

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