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Inaugural lecture

Grenzeloze InterEsse - Boundless interest

Learning is easiest out of interest. But interest is often multiple, and expands in various directions. How do you organize education accordingly?

Sanne Akkerman
06 October 2017
Read the inaugural lecture (pdf in Dutch)

Interest is a source of learning and an important focus in educational. In the desire to improve the interest of pupils and students in education, interest is often viewed and examined unilaterally. One looks either at the already existing interests of the individual pupil or student (the subject perspective) and no longer at the way in which education can create or arouse interests, or at one particular subject that should be found interesting (the object perspective) and no longer at the way in which this discipline can interest individual students in very different ways and what desired or undesirable consequences this has for what they learn or ignore.

It is important for the academic lecturer to gain insight into the specific, multiple and diverging interests that different students can gradually develop and how they can provide direction on the one hand, and room on the other.

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