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What late medieval chant manuscripts do to a present-day performer of plainchant

This book is witness to Hendrik Vanden Abeele’s research into the development, construction and creation of a present-day performance practice of late medieval plainchant, based partly on his work with the Belgian chant group Psallentes.

Hendrik Vanden Abeele
15 December 2014
Full text available in Leiden Repository

Supervising team

  • Prof. Frans de Ruiter - promotor - Universiteit Leiden 
  • Dr. Ike de Loos † 
  • Dr. Marcel Cobussen - co-promotor - Universiteit Leiden 
  • Dr. Pieter Mannaerts - co-promotor - Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent 
  • Dirk Snellings †
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