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The United States and China in the Era of Global Transformations: Geographies of Rivalry

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of China's global resurgence and its effects on U.S. dominance.

Salvador Santino F. Regilme Jr (ed.)
23 November 2023
Bristol University Press

[Text from website of the publisher Bristol University Press:]

"Over the last two decades, China has emerged as one of the most powerful state actors in the post-Cold War international system.

This book provides a multifaceted and spatially oriented analysis of how China’s re-emergence as a global power impacts the dominance of the United States as well as domestic state and non-state actors in various world-regions, including the Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe and the Arctic. Chapters reflect on how and under which conditions competition (and cooperation) between the United States and China vary across these regions and what such variations mean for the prospects of war and peace, universal human dignity and global cooperation."

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