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The Paippalādasaṁhitā of the Atharvaveda, Kāṇḍa 15: A New Edition with Translation and Commentary

The aim of this dissertation is to present a critical edition of kāṇḍa 15 of the Paippalādasaṁhitā (PS) of the Atharvaveda.

Duccio Lelli
31 March 2015
Full text in Leiden University Repository

The work is divided into two main parts: an Introduction and the critical edition itself. The Introduction deals first with topics related to the transmission of the text in the seven manuscripts collated for the edition. After the description of the manuscripts and the study of their mutual relationships, I address the problem of orthography and spelling in the written sources. Arrangement of the hymns in PS 15 and a discussion of their content are the subjects taken into consideration in the next paragraph. Then follows the explanation of the way the text is presented and the criteria according to which the critical apparatus has been prepared. Finally, the methodology and results of the metrical analysis are investigated.

The critical edition of kāṇḍa 15 follows the same pattern for each of the 23 hymns that constitute the kāṇḍa. Each hymn receives a caption, which intends to suggest the general purport of the hymn. Further elaborations are provided in the introductory comments that precede each hymns. Text, translation, a positive critical apparatus, parallel passages, and commentary then follow in that order, arranged stanza by stanza. The comment deals with philological, grammatical, metrical and lexical problems, as well as with the interpretation of the text. At the end of the volume, after a list of abbreviations and the Bibliography, an Index Verborum and an Index Locorum complete the dissertation.

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