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Staring at the heavens: Astronomy in medieval Islam

University Lecturer Ahab Bdaiwi: "What lies beyond what is known? Who is responsible for the majesty of the stars? Since the revelation of Islam, the night sky has offered philosophers and theologians alike a window into understanding God, heaven, and our unique journey to salvation."

Ahab Bdaiwi
15 August 2022
The New Arab E-zine

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Dr Ahab Bdaiwi is University Lecturer in Arabic and Medieval Philosophy and Late Antique Intellectual History at Leiden University.  His research ventures into an array of subjects and themes in Islamic studies but oftentimes revolves around the disciplines of intellectual and religious history, philosophy, theology, and oriental manuscripts in Islamicate societies.

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Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and students working at the Maraghah Observatory [photo credit: Wikimedia]
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