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Recherches dialectologiques et dialectométriques Nuni (une langue Gurunsi du Burkina Faso)

This book is a first comparative study of the Nuni dialects.

Pierre Malgoubri
02 February 2011
Full text in Leiden University Repository

Nuni is a Gurunsi-Gur language spoken in Burkina Faso. This dialectological study is based on new first hand lexical and sentential data which are presented in the book. The lexical dialectological study shows that the dialect of Yatini (Silly) is closest to all the other dialects and shows the least differences.

Impressionistic intercomprehension judgements from two different age groups of speakers shows that this dialect is best understood by speakers of other dialect. The study provides a motivated recommendation to choose this dialect as a dialect of reference for implementation of Nuni in the educational system. Such a recommendation is imminent in the light of the start of bilingual (French-Nuni) education the area.

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