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Profile 3. Sources on Frisian medieval history

Due to the fact that the Frisian lands lacked major political centers in the Middle Ages and also because most of its monasteries suffered complete destruction in the second half of the 16th century, relatively few written documents concerning medieval Frisian history have survived. To analyze them well, up-to-date editions of the most important narrative and administrative texts are needed. Some effort therefore is put in producing such editions.

Hans Mol
29 April 2015

Key publications

P.L.G. van der Meer and J.A. Mol (ed.), Beneficiaalboeken van Friesland (Leeuwarden 2012, to appear). 

H.Th.M. Lambooij and J.A. Mol (ed.),  Vitae Abbatum Orti Sancte Marie.Vijf abtenlevens van het klooster Mariëngaarde in Friesland (Hilversum 2001) x en 534 pp.


G. Verhoeven and J.A. Mol (ed.),  Friese testamenten tot 1550 (Leeuwarden 1994) xxxvi + 664 pp. 

P.L. G. van der Meer, J.A. Mol and P. Nieuwland (ed.), Administrative en fiskale boarnen oangeande Fryslân yn de ier- moderne tiid, Boarnerige 3 (Leeuwarden 1993) 395 pp.




J.A. Mol (ed.),  Leuwerderadeels aenbrengh gemaect int jaer 1540 (Ljouwert 1989) 267 pp.



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