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Profile 2. Settlement history of the Frisia in the Middle Ages

The narrow but long stretched stript of Frisian land along the North Sea was already occupied before Roman times. However, man repeatedly suffered setbacks when he tried to extend his living space, both in the tidal marshes and the peat area south of them.

Hans Mol
29 April 2015

Settlement was a complex process of interaction between man and nature, which gained momentum in the period after 700. My current research concerns the phasing and chronology of the diking and draining activities in relation to the development of power structures in the period 1000-1200. In this field I participate with Theo Spek (Centre for Landscape Studies, Groningen University) and Gilles de Langen (Groningen Institute for Archaeology) in the interdisciplinary project 'Managing the Water. The Formation of the Frisian Landscape in the Middle Ages'.

Key publications

J.A. Mol, ‘De middeleeuwse veenontginningen in Noordwest-Overijssel en Zuid-Friesland: datering en fasering’,  Jaarboek voor Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis 14 (2011[2012]). 

G.J. de Langen, J.A. Mol, P.N. Noomen and L. Oldersma ed.,  Verborgen verleden belicht. Introductie tot het historische en archeologische archief van Friesland (Leeuwarden 1996), 72 pp.

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