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Key Issues in Historical Theory

This book addresses the definition of history and how people are influenced by it.

Herman Paul
24 March 2015
Routledge publishers

Key Issues in Historical Theory is a fresh, clear and well-grounded introduction to this vibrant field of inquiry, incorporating many examples from novels, paintings, music, and political debates. The book expertly engages the reader in discussions of what history is, how people relate to the past and how they are formed by the past.

Over 11 thematically-based chapters, Herman Paul discusses subjects such as:

• history, memory and trauma
• historical experience and narrative
• moral and political dimensions of history
• historical reasoning and explanation
• truth, plausibility and objectivity.

Key Issues in Historical Theory convincingly shows that historical theory is not limited to reflection on professional historical studies, but offers valuable tools for understanding autobiographical writing, cultural heritage and political controversies about the past. With textboxes providing additional focus on a range of key topics, this is an attractive, accessible and up-to-date guide to the field of historical theory.

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