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Journal of Migration History Special Issue: NGO's & Migration Governance

Migration is an important topic of academic, public and political debate. Migration research generates a wealth of articles. The Journal of Migration History (JMH) is the first to specialize in the field. Articles on migration history either appear in journals that specialize on current issues, or in more general historical journals. In both cases the articles are somewhat lost. They also appear in journals that focus on areas (i.e., Asia, Europe, Africa) or in journals that focus on a particular time period (ancient history, medieval history). There is great need for a journal that covers a large period (antiquity until now) and all parts of the world, enabling to strengthen comparisons over time and space. This is a key aspect of migration research.

Edited by Marlou Schrover, Teuntje Vosters, Irial Glynn
14 November 2019
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