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Het Nederlandse prefix ge- in historisch perspectief. ‘Ge-+werkwoordstam’-afleidingen in grammatica’s, woordenboeken en teksten

The Dutch prefix ge- in historical perspective gives first of all a general account of the development of the word formation processes involving ge- in which special attention is paid to the participial ge-.

Zsófia Talasi
12 May 2009
Full text in Leiden University Repository

The main point of the book is a comprehensive analysis of the ‘ge-+verb stem’ derivation of the type geblaf. The diachrony of these ge-derivations, which are very productive in modern Dutch has hardly been investigated up to now.

The research focuses on the development of this type of  ge-derivation in the period 1200-1900. Three different sources are used: contemporary grammars, dictionaries and a digital text corpus composed for this purpose. This varied approach provides a clear picture of the development of this  ge-derivation in the history of Dutch and of the factors which have played an important role therein. 

This book is of interest to everyone interested in morphology, historical linguistics or the history of Dutch.

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