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Epistemological Inquiry into Islam’s Moral Economic Teachings, Legal Discourse, and Islamization Process

Mr. S. Al Daghistani defended his thesis on 30 November 2017

S. Al Daghistani
30 November 2017
Leiden Repository

This study is an examination of the religious profile of Taqī al-Dīn Al-Hilālī (1894-1987) as it evolved throughout the various periods of his life. The study commences with an introduction, beginning with a discussion of the Origins of the Salafiyya in Morocco. The first chapter offers a brief sketch of the formative period of Al-Hilālī’s life. In the second chapter, Al-Hilālī’s attitudes are examined in the light of his early missionary work in Egypt and elsewhere. Chapter Three deals with the first steps in Al-Hilālī’s international preaching. Chapter Four discusses Al-Hilālī's activities during the time he spent in Germany. Chapter Five begins with a discussion of the reason for Al-Hilālī’s departure from Germany in 1942 and his vicissitudes thereafter in Spanish Morocco. Chapter Six discusses Al-Hilālī time in Iraq, where he had settled from 1947 to 1959. Chapter Seven shows how Al-Hilālī was able to lead an active intellectual and religious life in Morocco after Independence. In Chapter Eight, the extent to which Al-Hilālī’s religious profile was affected by his time in Saudi Arabia is examined and assessed. Chapter Nine offers a brief sketch of the final phase in Al-Hilālī’s life and his religious profile based on the unpublished fatwas.

Promotor: Prof. P.S. van Koningsveld

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