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Diplomacia y comercio en la Europa Atlántica medieval

This book is a result of the collective research project Urban Societies in the Port Towns of Atlantic Europe in the Late Middle Ages. It studies the connections between diplomacy and trade from a comparative and transnational perspective throughout medieval Atlantic Europe.

Jesús Solórzano Telechea, Beatriz Arízaga Bolumburu and Louis Sicking (eds.)
08 December 2015

Thus, the complexity of international relations in the Late Middles Ages, when diplomatic ties between communities became more structural as a direct result of various international factors, such as the search for peace and stability on the European continent, the dialogue as a characteristic element of the Autumn of the Middle Ages, the multiplication of relations between northern and southern Europe, the consolidation of major European kingdoms, such as Spain, France and England, and the emergence of a market economy at a  European level.

Logroño, Instituto de Estudios Riojanos, 2015
323 p.
ISBN: 978-84-9960-086-4

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