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De semantiek van Aristoteles

De semantiek van Aristoteles: waarheid en betekenis in het tijdperk van het darwinisme

Thomas van Vroonhoven
14 February 2018

The leading argument of this doctoral thesis is that Aristotle’s text [De Interpretatione] is of methodical relevance for present-day philosophical thinking. In the era of science and technology, the status of philosophy has become problematic. The philosophical questions of old have been either debunked as grammatical misconceptions or reformulated and incorporated into modern scientific enquiry.Given this situation, the aim of this doctoral thesis is twofold. It purports to show that the problematic status of philosophy can be traced back to Aristotle’s [De Interpretatione]. In addition, it shows that this text also contains clues to truth of a more fundamental nature that is not restricted to propositional correctness, thereby opening up the possibility of a transformed way of philosophical thinking.

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