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Creating and Re‐creating Tangos: Artistic Processes and Innovations in Music by Pugliese, Salgán, Piazzolla and Beytelmann

In this dissertation the author digs into the constituent elements of River Plate tango in order to decode how specific musical materials were organized and combined by four outstanding musicians: Pugliese, Salgán, Piazzolla and Beytelmann.

Bárbara Varassi Pega
11 December 2014
Full text available in Leiden Repository

Supervising team

  • Prof. Dr. Joep Bor - 1st promotor - Universiteit Leiden
  • Prof. Frans de Ruiter - 2nd promotor - Universiteit Leiden
  • Prof. Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez - 3rd promotor - Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
  • Gustavo Beytelmann - co-promotor - Codarts Hogeschool, Rotterdam
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