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Beyond the Doors of the Synagogue: Self-Perceptions of Jewish Identity in a Modern Canadian Society

Noah Millman defended his thesis on 26 May 2015

N.J. Millman
26 May 2015
Leiden University Repository

Supervisors: prof. dr. A.F. de Jong and dr. E.M. de Boer

This book presents a mode by which to discuss and assess Jewish religious participation and religious group membership as a social phenomenon through the lens of social identity theory. It includes analyses and discussion of minority groups’ self-perception within broader national contexts, self-esteem as a result of religious group membership, and the dichotomy between religious in-group identity and active belief. If we are able to distinguish ‘belief’ from ‘belonging’ relative to institutional religions, we might better accommodate the needs and values of these groups. This book focuses on a Canadian group of secular Jews, combining quantitative and qualitative methods to illuminate how religious identity, connection and membership affect daily modern life.

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