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Belarus under Lukashenka: Adaptive Authoritarianism

In 2019, Aliaksandr Lukashenka marks a quarter of a century as the first, and so far only president of the Republic of Belarus. This new book by Dr. Matthew Frear, Assistant Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies, offers the most up-to-date analysis of government and politics in a country usually characterised as ‘the last dictatorship in Europe’.

Matthew Frear
09 October 2018
Routledge publishers

The book discusses how Lukashenka came to power, examines how power became personalized under his regime, and considers how he coerced opponents, whilst maintaining popular support. It discusses all aspects of politics, including presidential power, the ruling elites, elections, the opposition, and state-society relations. Lukashenka’s rule is characterised as ‘adaptive authoritarianism’, through which opportunism and expediency enables pragmatic adaptation to changing circumstances. The book maps the political landscape in contemporary Belarus in the lead up to the next parliamentary and presidential elections due by 2020.

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