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'Authentic Islam': The Religious Profile of Taqī al-Dīn al-Hilālī (1893-1987) as Reflected in his Fatwas

Abdessamad El Amraoui defended his thesis on 6 Mai 2015.

A. El Amraoui
06 May 2015
Leiden University Repository

Supervisor: Prof. dr. P.S. Koningsveld

This study is an examination of the religious profile of Taqī al-Dīn Al-Hilālī (1894-1987) as it evolved throughout the various periods of his life. The study commences with an introduction, beginning with a discussion of the Origins of the Salafiyya in Morocco. The first chapter offers a brief sketch of the formative period of Al-Hilālī’s life. In the second chapter, Al-Hilālī’s attitudes are examined in the light of his early missionary work in Egypt and elsewhere. Chapter Three deals with the first steps in Al-Hilālī’s international preaching. Chapter Four discusses Al-Hilālī's activities during the time he spent in Germany. Chapter Five begins with a discussion of the reason for Al-Hilālī’s departure from Germany in 1942 and his vicissitudes thereafter in Spanish Morocco. Chapter Six discusses Al-Hilālī time in Iraq, where he had settled from 1947 to 1959. Chapter Seven shows how Al-Hilālī was able to lead an active intellectual and religious life in Morocco after Independence. In Chapter Eight, the extent to which Al-Hilālī’s religious profile was affected by his time in Saudi Arabia is examined and assessed. Chapter Nine offers a brief sketch of the final phase in Al-Hilālī’s life and his religious profile based on the unpublished fatwas

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