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Antiquity: Greeks and Romans in Context

This new handbook by Frits Naerebout and Henk Singor places the history of the Greeks and Romans within the larger context of the contemporary Eurasian world.

Frits Naerebout and Henk Singor
14 January 2014
Book on website Wiley publishers

Antiquity: Greeks and Romans in Context provides a chronological introduction to the history of ancient Mediterranean civilizations within the larger context of its contemporary Eurasian world.

Innovative approach organizes Greek and Roman history into a single chronology:

  • Combines the traditional historical story with subjects that are central to modern research into the ancient world including a range of social, cultural, and political topics
  • Facilitates an understanding of the ancient Mediterranean world as a unity, just as the Mediterranean world is in its turn presented as part of a larger whole
  • Covers the entire ancient Mediterranean world from pre-history through to the rise of Islam in the seventh century A.D.
  • Features a diverse collection of images, maps, diagrams, tables, and a chronological chart to aid comprehension
  • English translation of a well-known Dutch book,  De oudheid, now in its third edition
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